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Research Article

Analysis of Changes in Market Shares of Commercial Banks Operating in Turkey Using Computational Intelligence Algorithms

Table 2

20 financial ratios that are used between the period of 1990 and 2009.


Capital adequacy ratios (CA)
CA1 (Shareholders’ equity + profit)/total assets
CA2(Shareholders’ equity + profit)/(deposit + nondeposit sources)
CA3(Net working capital)/total assets
CA4(Shareholders’ equity + profit)/(total assets + noncash loans)
Assets quality ratios (AQ)
AQ1Total loans/total assets
AQ2Loans under follow-up/total loans
AQ3Permanent assets/total assets
Liquidity ratios (L)
Liquid assets/total assets
Liquid assets/(deposit + nondeposit sources)
TC liquid assets/total assets
Profitability ratios (P)
Net profit (losses)/total assets (ROA)
Net profit (losses)/total shareholders’ equity (ROE)
Profit (losses) before taxes after continuing operations/total assets
Income-expenditure structure ratios (IE)
IE1Net interest income after receivable under follow-up/total assets
IE2Interest income (net)/interest expenses
IE3Noninterest income (net)/noninterest expenses
IE4Personnel expenses/other operating income
Group shares ratios (GS)
GS1Total assets
GS2Total loans
GS3Total deposits
Market shares ratio (MS)
MS MS = (Y1 + Y2 + Y3)/3
Y1: total assets; Y2: total loans; Y3: total deposits

Resource: The Banks Association of Turkey, Banks in Turkey 1990–2009