Table 1: Origin of the lateral sacral artery.


Anterior trunk of the internal iliac artery1.0%
Dorsomedial aspect of the internal iliac artery3.7%
Posterior trunk of the internal iliac artery79.1%
Superior gluteal artery16.8%
Inferior gluteal artery 5.4%
Internal pudendal artery 0.3%
Persistent sciatic artery8.8%
Congenital absence0.4%

The lateral sacral artery commonly arose from the posterior trunk of the internal iliac artery. Occasionally, it arose from different arteries. Due to coexistence of double and triple as well as quadruple lateral sacral artery, its incidence becomes more than 100%. It is a congenital absence in 0.4%. Observations based on 342 specimens (45 specimens have been excluded due to missing data).