Research Article

Robust Reservoir Generation by Correlation-Based Learning

Figure 4

Embedding two sequences in a single reservoir. (a) Schematic of the simulation. Ten sets of trials of the simulation were conducted. Each set of trials consisted of a pair of CS1 trials and a successive pair of CS2 trials. Reproducibility indices between (1) CS1 trials at the 1st trial set, (2) CS2 trials at the 1st trial set, (3) CS1 trials at the last trial set, and (4) CS2 trials at the last trial set were calculated and labeled as RI1, RI2, RI3, and RI4, respectively. (b) Reproducibility indices obtained from simulations. RI1 (gray solid line), RI2 (gray dotted line), RI3 (black solid line), and RI4 (black dotted line) were plotted. Conventions as in Figure 2(c).