Advances in Chemistry / 2014 / Article / Tab 2

Research Article

Determination of Tannins of Three Common Acacia Species of Sudan

Table 2

Absorbance of solutions of Acacia species parts after precipitation of tannins with hydrated-hide powder (at 725 nm).

SpeciesPlant partAbsorbance
IIIAverage value

Acacia nilotica Leaves0.0530.0530.053
Acacia seyal Leaves0.3080.3090.308
Acacia nilotica Bark0.2390.2410.240
Acacia seyal Bark0.2730.2760.274
Acacia senegal Bark0.3400.3380.339
Acacia nilotica Mature fruits0.0600.0650.063
Acacia nilotica Immature fruits0.0560.0560.055