Advances in Chemistry / 2014 / Article / Tab 3

Research Article

Determination of Tannins of Three Common Acacia Species of Sudan

Table 3

Tannins percentage of Acacia species parts.

SpeciesPlant part% Phenolics before precipitation % Phenolics after precipitation% Tannins (hide-powder)

Acacia nilotica Leaves14.002.2011.80
Acacia seyal Leaves7.000.696.31
Acacia nilotica Bark11.000.5310.47
Acacia seyal Bark12.750.6012.15
Acacia senegal Bark4.250.763.49
Acacia nilotica Mature fruits24.752.6022.15
Acacia nilotica Immature fruits24.502.4022.10

Total phenolic content relative to tannic acid.