Review Article

Ecological Speciation and the Intertidal Snail Littorina saxatilis

Figure 6

(a) Differentiated loci in the AFLP genome scan lie above the line for the 0.99 quantile of the simulation model used by Wilding et al. [25]. This is for one shore (Thornwick); 15 of the differentiated loci here were shared across the other two shores. (b) Sequence divergence between samples estimated by ; values come from Wilding et al. [25], and the loci investigated are shown on (a). Shores are Old Peak (O) and Thornwick Bay (T), ecotypes high-shore (H) and mid-shore (M). Thus for each locus, four different divergence estimates are shown: between ecotypes on a shore (OH-OM, TH-TM), an overall site comparison (OP-TB), and an overall ecotype comparison (H-M). (a) Redrawn from Wilding et al. [25]; (b) redrawn from Wood et al. [44].