Advances in Numerical Analysis / 2017 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

Numerical Simulation of Barite Sag in Pipe and Annular Flow

Table 1

Input data for the simulation – 2D CFD model.


Diameter of pipe0.0508 ()m (in.)
Length of pipeL3.65 ()m (ft.)
Fluid inlet velocity0.1556 (30.64)m/s (ft/min)
Viscosity of liquid0.062 ()Pa·s (cP)
Density of liquid898.78 ()kg/m3 (/gal)
Density of solid4198.92 ()kg/m3 (/gal)
Diameter of solid0.000025 ()m (µm)
Initial concentration of the solid0.067
Deviation angleθ90° (from vertical)
Number of CFD elements63,790
CFD time-step0.1s
Physical time simulated36s