Table 1: Mean and standard deviation for amplitude and asymmetry ratio of cervical vestibular evoked myogenic potentials and latency difference of wave V between click alone and click with 500 Hz high-pass masking pink noise in healthy individuals and individuals with Meniere’s disease.

Amplitude (in μV)Asymmetry ratio (in %)Wave V latency difference (in ms)

Individuals with
Meniere’s disease
Affected ear106.96 (74.00)42.78 (22.48)0.14 (0.10)
Unaffected ear124.92 (60.96)0.89 (0.11)

Healthy individualsAffected matched151.31 (63.74)16.19 (4.90)0.96 (0.17)
Unaffected matched154.20 (63.99)0.93 (0.15)

Note: “affected matched” and “unaffected matched” ears in healthy individuals are referred to the same side ears of the healthy individuals as that of individuals with Meniere’s disease that were affected and not affected by the disease, respectively. The values within the brackets represent standard deviation.