Table 2: Artificial tear products.

Brand name DescriptionManufacturer

Tears Naturale Forte Lubricant Eye DropsContains special preservative, Polyquad Alcon Inc.
Tears Naturale P.M. eye ointmentLubricant for night time protection
Systane Ultra lubricantDemulcent matrix of HP-guar and borate

Refresh Tears DropsCMC sod. 0.5% w/v Allergan India Pvt. Ltd.
Refresh Endura (for long-term relief)Contains castor oil to replenish lipid components of tear film, preservative-free
Refresh CelluviscContains CMC sod. 1% w/v; gel-like consistency may cause blurred vision
Refresh Liquigel Gel drops, CMC sod. 1% w/v, and longer duration of action
Tear Plus lubricant dropsContains PVA and PVP
Refresh contactsFor dryness and irritation associated with contact lenses

Advanced eye relief environmental lubricant Eye drops contain propylene glycol and glycerine Bausch & Lomb Inc.
Advanced eye relief lubricant ointmentFor lubrication during night time
Soothe XPContains mineral oil and an advanced lipid restorative called Restoryl

GenTeal drops and gelHydroxy propyl methyl celluloseNovartis (I) Ltd.
Hypo Tears Plus eye dropsHydroxy propyl methyl cellulose