Figure 2: (a) Absorption spectra of Ag nanoparticles initially synthesized by gamma-radiolysis at a dose 2.0 kGy using Brij’97. AgNO3 = [1 × 10−3 M], Brij’97 = [1 × 10−2 M], 2-propanol = [2 × 10−1 M], and H2PtCl6 = [1 × 10−3 M]. Absorption spectra recorded immediately after addition of Pt4+ ions. (b) Pt4+ ions in presence of 2-propanol were added to irradiated silver colloid shown by the dotted line. (c) Addition of AgNO3 and 2-propanol to irradiated Pt colloid shown by the dotted line in an inert atmosphere. Optical path: 1 cm.