(a) 300°C Pyrolysis
(b) 800°C Pyrolysis
Figure 8: Experimental XANES and delta-mu signatures of FeTPP/C catalyst heat treated at (a) 300°C and (b) 800°C. Delta-mu signatures were obtained by subtracting the XANES signatures according to Δμ = μ(0.90 (or) 1.10 V)−μ(0.10 V). Experiments were conducted at Fe K-edge under in situ conditions in argon-saturated 0.1 M NaOH electrolyte. Vertical dotted line indicates the preedge position at 7112.5 eV and the boxed region focuses the preedge region. Delta-mu spectra have been multiplied by a factor of 5 for visual comparison of the line shapes.