Table 1: Coinage metal family (Cu, Au). Relative energies (kcal mol−1) of the reactants, intermediary HXYH3 and final products for three states of the metal. X(2nd): metal in second excited state. X(1st): metal in first excited state. X(gs): metal in ground state. : experimentally measured energy. : theoretically calculated energy.

X: MetalY: MethaneY: SilaneY: Germane
(2S, 2D, 2P)(2S, 2D, 2P)(2S, 2D, 2P)(2S, 2D, 2P)

X(2nd) + YH485~83114.3109.887.887.787.887.7
X(1st) + YH434.9~4340.2341.534.439.034.439
H + XYH34652a30.9136.033.2
HX + YH34041a18.2521.927.733.221.7e27.1
X(gs) + YH400000000

aFrom [80]
bFrom [87]
cFrom [12]
dFrom [93]
eFrom [94].