Figure 4: MALDI-TOF mass (a) and PSD fragment ion (b) spectra of band 3 of P. furiosus. (a): the lipid components present in band 3 (see TLC in Figure 3) were isolated and purified from the total lipid extract of the P. furiosus by preparative TLC. Peaks corresponding to the molecular ions of diphytanylglycerol analogue of phosphatidylinositol (PI) at m/z 893.4 and of the corresponding unsaturated species (unsPI) at m/z 881.6. (b): peaks corresponding to the molecular ion of PIat m/z 893.45 plus the ion fragments corresponding to the diphytanylglycerol analogues of PA (m/z 732.1) and to the sugar-phosphate residue (m/z 241.3).