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A Single-Culture Bioprocess of Methanothermobacter thermautotrophicus to Upgrade Digester Biogas by CO2-to-CH4 Conversion with H2

Table 3

Performance comparison between studies for M. thermautotrophicus cultures and reactor microbiomes that produce methane.

Studiesparameters and referencesInfluent gas mixtureVMPR (L/L-day)Fuel production rate (g/L-h)Active volume (L)References

Experiment CO2/H249.21.333.5This study
Experiment CO2/H265.61.793This study
Experiment CO2/H250.51.373This study
Experiment Synth. biogas/H212.60.343This study
Experiment Industrial biogas/H212.00.323This study
Pure culture M. thermautotrophicus studyCO2/H21634.391.5[21]
High-rate, laboratory-scale anaerobic digesterNo infl. gas11.7*0.3520[24]
In-situ CO2 conversion with anaerobic digesterIndustrial biogas/H20.450.013.5[12]
Postprocessing with microbiomeSynth. biogas/H25.30.140.6[16]

VMPR was corrected for standard temperature and pressure.