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Molecular Characterization of Copper and Cadmium Resistance Determinants in the Biomining Thermoacidophilic Archaeon Sulfolobus metallicus

Figure 5

Schematic representation of the two cop gene clusters isolated from S. metallicus genome. Each cluster codes for an Archaea-specific transcriptional regulator (copT), a metallochaperone (copM), and a P-type Cu-exporting ATPase (copA). Lengths of each gene are indicated. Locus cop1 corresponds to 4,346 sequenced base pairs and shows an intergenic region copT1-M1 of 232 base pairs. Locus cop2 corresponds to 3,435 base pairs and shows 89 base pairs copT2-M2 intergenic region. Genes copM2 and copA2 overlapped in 11 base pairs. copT2 was not fully isolated.