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Molecular Characterization of Copper and Cadmium Resistance Determinants in the Biomining Thermoacidophilic Archaeon Sulfolobus metallicus

Figure 6

Northern blot analysis to determine the expression of S. metallicus copA1 (a) and copA2 (b) putative genes in response to various metals. S. metallicus total RNA was extracted from cultures grown either in the absence (control) or the presence of CuSO4 (50 mM), Ag2SO4 (0.08 mM), NiSO4 (15 mM), ZnSO4 (50 mM), and CdSO4 (2 mM). P32-radioactivelly labelled DNA fragments annealing to copA1 and copA2 sequences, respectively, were used as probes. (c) shows rRNAs as total RNA loading control.