Figure 5: Bootstrapped maximum likelihood tree of sequenced 16S rRNA genes (GTR-GAMMA method, 1000 iterations). Blue colour indicates clones derived from River Maggia, while green and brown indicate clones from Lake Maggiore from spring (March) and autumn (September). Clusters in brown, green, and blue contain sequences from all three clone libraries. Numbers inside clusters refer to the number of sequences and OTUs, respectively. The bar at the bottom applies to 10% sequence divergence. The Nitrosopumilus (MGI) cluster contains sequences of N. maritimus (CP000866), “Ca. N. koreensis” (CP003842), and “Ca. N. salaria” (AEXL02000090); the cluster Nitrosoarchaeum contains sequences of “Ca. N. koreensis” (AFPU01000001) and “Ca. N. limnia” (AHJG01000224). The other two clusters include sequences of uncultured Archaea (reference sequences are HE589644 and KC437195 for SAGMGC-1 and AK31, resp.). For more details, see Figure S3 in Supplementary Material available online at