Figure 2: Inset: a gene map of the region spanning 1,600,000–1,660,000 bp along the H. walsbyi J07HQW1 genome, the corresponding regions in the other H. walsbyi genomes, and the environmental contigs. Full image: an expanded view of the region denoted in the inset. Syntenic regions are marked by matching colors. Environmental contigs use a long form identification number (see Figure 1 caption). The regions represented on the gene map from each genome are as follows: J07HQW1, 1,600,465–1,660,398 bp; J07HQW2, 3,299,582–3,359,276 bp; C23, 1,240,000–1,270,000 bp and 1,530,000–1,490,000 bp; DSM16790, 1,240,690–1,270,000 bp and 1,510,000–1,470,000 bp.