Figure 3: Inset: a gene map of the region spanning 2,619,000–2,702,000 bp along the H. walsbyi J07HQW1 genome, the corresponding regions in the other H. walsbyi genomes, and the environmental contigs. Full image: an expanded view of the region denoted in the inset. Syntenic regions are marked by matching colors. Arrows highlighted in green denote individual sequences specifically identified in the paper. Environmental contigs use a long form identification number (see Figure 1 caption). The regions represented on the gene map from each genome are as follows: J07HQW1, 2,619,269–2,703,165 bp; J07HQW2, 1,229,374–1,314,534 bp; C23, 2,110,000–2,220,000 bp; DSM16790, 2,030,000–2,125,000 bp.