Figure 4: Growth characteristics of M. acetivorans models. The models were simulated using experimental growth substrate uptakes of MeOH:20, Acetate:7, and CO:11.6 mmol/gDCW/hr. Since experimental TMA uptake rates were not available, it was set to 6.77 mmol/gDCW/hr across all the models. This value was determined by fitting iST807 to experimental growth rates on TMA. iVS941 gave unrealistically large growth yields and therefore the values were omitted from the growth yield plot for a clearer display of the other models’ performances. iVS941 also did not predict any methane production under the given growth conditions. Experimental growth rates are from [3040]. Experimental growth yields are from [4042]. Experimental CH4 production rates are from [33, 4244].