Table 2: The methanogens present in chloroethene-dechlorinating cultures.

Methanogenic strainsCulture notesCitation

Methanosarcina st. KB-1, Methanomethylovorans st. KB-1 1 and st. KB-1 2, Methanomicrobiales st. KB-1 2, and Methanosaeta st. KB-1 1 and st. KB-1 2Dehalococcoides-dominated KB-1 enrichment culture[155]
Uncultured Methanobacterium congolenseDehalococcoides-, Desulfovibrio-, and Clostridia-dominated ANAS enrichment culture[152]
Methanothrix st. TDC-AR3, Archaea st. TDC-AR4, Methanomethylovorans st. TDC-AR5, and Methanothrix sp. st. TDC-AR6Dehalococcoides- and Acetobacterium- containing culture[153]
Uncultured Methanosaeta st. TANA2, uncultured Methanospirillum st. TANA5, uncultured Methanosarcina st. TANA1, and uncultured Methanomicrobiales st. TANA6Trichloroethene-contaminated aquifer undergoing bioremediation to ethene with a diverse bacterial community[154]