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The Impact of Pyroglutamate: Sulfolobus acidocaldarius Has a Growth Advantage over Saccharolobus solfataricus in Glutamate-Containing Media

Table 1

Growth parameters of Sulfolobus acidocaldarius and Saccharolobus solfataricus. Maximum growth rate μ (h-1), maximum cell dry weight CDWmax (g L-1), maximal substrate (glutamate and pyroglutamate) uptake rate qSmax (mmol gCDW-1 h-1), and yield coefficient Y at ODmax (gCDW/mol of amino acid carbon) of S. acidocaldarius MW001 and S. solfataricus P2 grown on L-glutamate (Glu) or L-pyroglutamate (Glp) (each 24 mM). Values represent the average of four independent experiments. Errors represent the standard deviation.

Amino acidμmax
(g L-1)
(mmol gCDW-1 h-1)
(gCDW molC-1)

S. acidocaldariusGlu
S. solfataricusGlu
S. acidocaldariusGlp
S. solfataricusGlpndndndnd

nd: no growth during the cultivation period of 22 d detected.