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Identification and Characterization of a Newly Isolated Chitinase-Producing Strain Bacillus licheniformis SSCL-10 for Chitin Degradation

Table 1

Ratio of zone of clearance (CZ)/size of colony (CS) and chitinase activity of Bacillus licheniformis SSCL-10 wild type, maximum CZ/CS of three mutants of UV and EMS strains were selected for chitinase production.

S. no.Bacterial isolateCZ/CS (after 48 h)Chitinase activity (units/mL-1)

1Wild-type strain13-14
2UV mutant 416-17
3UV mutant 716-17
4UV mutant 1118-19
5EMS mutant 622-23
6EMS mutant 922-23
7EMS mutant 1324-25