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Performance Analysis and Microbial Community Evolution of In Situ Biological Biogas Upgrading with Increasing H2/CO2 Ratio

Table 5

Summary of literature studies of the in situ biogas upgrading technology associated with H2 injection.

SubstrateReactor typeReactor volume (L)OLR (gVS∙L-1∙d-1)T (°C)pHHRT (d)H2 (LH2∙L-1∙d-1)H2/CO2H2 conversion (%)CO2 removal (%)CH4 (%)Ref.

Potato starchUASB1.42.79558.473.54 : 1677682Bassani et al. [48]
Cattle manureCSTR0.61.85558.3141.84 : 1>90N/D65Luo et al. [13]
Cattle manure and cheese wheyCSTR0.61.66557.7-7.9151.5-1.74 : 1N/D8575Luo and Angelidaki [49]
Cattle manure and cheese wheyCSTR0.61.66557.6-8.3150.9-1.84 : 1N/D53-9178-96Luo and Angelidaki, [16]
Sewage sludgeCSTR31,08378.0100.6-1.34 : 1969999Wang et al. [33]
Sewage sludgeBatch20.77387.9-8.4200.3-1.72 : 1-10 : 158-9943-10079-92Agneessens et al. [19]
Sewage sludgeSemicontinuous2.41-1.12357.0-7.4150, 0.62-0.21 : 1-4 : 196-10013-4980Corbellini et al. [21]
Sewage sludgeCSTR161.536.77.4220.4-5.50-7 : 194-9996.590.3This study

CSTR: continuous stirred tank reactors; HRT: hydraulic retention time; OLR: organic loading rate; UASB: upflow anaerobic sludge blanket.