Table 1: Rational and features of newly created Radiology web portal for Gross Anatomy.


Provide multiple formats for viewing and learning Radiology.Utilized MIRC, Flash, and Joomla for Creating Teaching FilesMIRC provides excellent functionality for developing static single image teaching files. Macromedia Flash using an open-source student PACS module and Joomla content management system readily allowed for creation of teaching files with multiple-level cross-sections, and animations.
Provide single site for Radiology teaching material that students will utilize starting day one Gross Anatomy and then throughout medical school.Home PageStructured Web Portal with an integrated anatomy component.
Begin to expose students to clinical application of anatomy.Cases of the WeekClinical cases with relevant findings on imaging updated on homepage to correspond to lectures.
Provide students with direct correlations between cadaver anatomy and imaging.Laboratory CompanionFeature of Web Portal providing imaging relevant to the day’s dissection.
Provide content that allows students to identify labeled anatomy on imaging.Study CompanionFeature of Web Portal providing labeled images and cross sectional modules.
Ensure students recognize reasoning for integrating Radiology and Anatomy.Module GoalsClearly stated goals provided on home page.
Provide students with a roadmap to optimize use of Radiology to learn Anatomy.Methods for Achieving GoalsDiscussed in lecture on first day of class and clearly stated on home page.
Allow Radiology files to be reviewed by anatomic site.Organization of FilesStudents click links that instantly bring up files organized by anatomic site.
Facilitate web site navigation by giving quick views of available material.Preview of Teaching FilesStudents click thumb nail with an image preview as well as text description.
Develop site that will serve as a platform for Radiology learning throughout medical school.Longitudinal Educational ComponentsWeb Portal provides additional components for basic Medicine and Surgery clinical rotations.
Reflect importance of cross-sectional imaging in clinical medicine.Cross Section Teaching FilesStatic images plus new cross section files that allow scroll, pan, and zoom.
Provide lecture presentations for preview and review of material.Lecture materialLecture PowerPoints made available via link on the Web Portal.
Introduce students to other existing resources for learning Radiology and Gross Anatomy.Additional Learning ToolsInformation provided in syllabus and links to resources provided on the web portal.
Introduce students to advancements being made in Radiology which may have future clinical implementation.Anatomy TV3D video anatomy teaching files available