Table 2: The relationships between isometric muscle strength and external knee adduction moment for obese people with knee osteoarthritis of different radiographic disease severities.

Beta coefficient (SE) 𝑟 value 𝑃 value 𝑃 value for difference

Quadriceps strength
 Less severe0.14 (0.24)
 Severe1.13 (0.32)0.29<.001
 Pooled0.63 (0.20)0.26.002n/a
Hamstring strength
 Less severe0.65 (0.71)
 Severe2.39 (0.68)0.29<.001
 Pooled1.52 (0.49)0.26.003n/a

Quadriceps strength
 Less severe0.04 (0.22)
 Severe0.39 (0.32)0.16.063
 Pooled0.21 (0.20)0.09.28n/a
Hamstring strength
 Less severe0.44 (0.64)
 Severe1.60 (0.70)0.20.019
 Pooled1.02 (0.51)0.17.047n/a

Values are adjusted for knee joint mechanical axis, walking speed, gender, age, pain, and body mass as covariates.