Table 1: Demographic data, satisfaction scores, and total WOMAC scores for hip and knee replacement patients used in scale assessment.

n = 843n = 857

Mean age (SD)64.8 (12.6)67.3 (9.9)
% Males46%36.8%
Mean BMI kg/m2 (SD)27.4 (5.5)30.4 (6.5)
% White76%71%

Mean/median 12 week
 score (range,SD)(25–100,13.8)(25–100,17.2)

Mean/median 12 week
 total WOMAC76.8/8168.9/70
 Score (range,SD)(20–100,17.2)(4–100,18.2)

Mean/median 12 week
 SF36 PCS40.1/39.836.8/35.8
 scores (range,SD)(11.5–65.1,10.1)(13.6–61.6,9.2)

Mean/median 1 year
 score (range,SD)(25–100,13.5)(25–100,19.0)

Mean/median 1-year total
 scores (range,SD)(15–100,16.9)(8–100,18.9)

Mean/median 1-year SF36
 PCS scores (range,SD)44.2/44.6 (16.6–67.6,11.0)34.4/38.7 (14.7,68.5,10.5)