Table 3: A prioritized list of patient-reported outcomes for extracting data in meta-analysis.

outcome (scale)

(1) WOMAC pain subscale (Likert/100 mm)
(2) Pain during activity (VAS)
(3) Pain during walking (VAS)
(4) Global knee pain (VAS)
(5) Pain at rest (VAS)
(6) SF-36 (bodily pain (BP) subscale)
(7) HAQ (pain subscale), Lequesne algofunctional index (pain subscale), AIMS (pain subscale), Knee-Specific Pain Scale (KSPS), McGill Pain Questionnaire (pain intensity), ASES (pain subscale), SES (Schmerzempfindungsskala)
(8) Pain at night (VAS), pain during activity (NRS), pain on walking (NRS), number of painful days (days)

outcome (scale)

(1) WOMAC subscale function (Likert/100 mm)
(2) SF-36 (subscale physical function (PF))
(3) Physical composite score (PCS) based on SF-36, SF-12, or SF-8
(4) HAQ (disability subscale), PDI (pain disability index), ASES (disability subscale)

WOMAC (Western Ontario and McMaster Universities Arthritis Index), VAS (visual analogue scale), NRS (Numerical Rating Scale), AIMS (Arthritis impact measurement scale), ASES (Arthritis Self Efficacy Scale), HAQ (health assessment questionnaire), PDI (Pain Disability Index), SES (Schmerzempfindungsskala) (Pain Experience Scale), SF-36 (Short Form 36), SF-12 (Short Form 12), SF-8 (Short Form 8).