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Clinical Study

The Effects of Bariatric Surgery Weight Loss on Knee Pain in Patients with Osteoarthritis of the Knee

Table 1

Statistical analysis of KOOS and WOMAC scores comparing values at baseline and 6 months. Values listed are the change in scores over a 6-month period.

KOOS and WOMAC scores: baseline to 6-month comparison
MeanQ1MedianQ3Signed rank value

WOMAC pain−4.83−7.29−5.2−3.12<0.0001
WOMAC stiffness−2.33−4.17−3.1300.0001
WOMAC physical function−17.76−28.13−17.71−8.34<0.0001
KOOS symptoms8.6408120.0003
KOOS pain17.784.4417.7831.11<0.0001
KOOS daily living13.435.2911.7624.7<0.0001
KOOS sports15.76012320.001
KOOS QOL15.851530<0.0001

Q1: 1st quartile, Q3: 3rd quartile, QOL: quality of life. For all categories n = 24. Values listed above are measured as differences in WOMAC/KOOS scores subtracted from baseline.