Table 1: Summary table for outcomes of open joint debridement-1.

Study and yearDesignLevel of evidence Followup
(in months)
Pain Δ ROM Δ
Function Δ

Ugurlu et al., 2009 [10]Retrospective case studyIV 1018VAS (before 8; after 3.1)49.3Andrews and Carson scoring (before 88.5 to after 168.5)
Rettig et al., 2008 [11]Case series IV 18 (21 elbows)65Good improvement in pain. No measure described30 MEPI (after 85.8)
Tashjian et al., 2006 [12]Case series IV 17 (18 elbows) 85VAS16 (i) Hospital for special surgery elbow score after 70 (9 good to excellent results)
(ii) MEPI after 83 (15 good to excellent results)
(iii) DASH after 9.75
(iv) VAS Function 7.9 after
(v) SF-36
Wada et al., 2004 [13]Case series IV 32 (33 elbows) 121before 13 improved to after 2724 JOA elbow scoring system (before 60 to after 83)
Vingerhoeds et al., 2004 [14]Case series IV 15 (16 elbows)20Good pain relief. No measure reported20 MEPI (before 63 to after 88)