Table 4: Summary table for outcomes of arthroscopic joint debridement-1.

Study and yearDesignLevel of evidence Followup (months)Pain ΔROM ΔFunction Δ

Degreef et al., 2010 [25]Retrospective reviewIV19 (20 elbows)24VAS (before 5.8 to after 1.8)29(i) MEPI (before 54 to after 88; good to excellent results in 16 elbows)
Adams and Steinmann, 2008 [26]Retrospective reviewIV41 (42 elbows)440–5 Likert scale. (2.86 before to 1.43 after)27.3(i) MEPI (before 67.5 to after 84.4; good to excellent results in 81% of elbows)
Krishnan et al., 2007 [27]Case seriesIV1126VAS (before 9.2 to after 1.7)73MEPI (before 58 to after 89; good to excellent results in 11 elbows)
Kelly et al., 2007 [28]Case seriesIV24 (25 elbows)67VAS (before 7 to after 2)21Andrews and Carson scoring (subjective scoring—before 45 to after 82; objective scoring—before 69 to after 93)
Kim and Shin., 2000 [29]Case seriesIV3042.527 patients reported good pain relief. Measure not reported36