Table 5: Summary table for outcomes of arthroscopic joint debridement-2.

Study and yearDesignLevel of evidence Followup (months)Pain Δ ROM Δ
Function Δ

Cohen et al., 2000 [20]Nonrandomized control studyIII26 out of 4435.50–6 Likert scale from MEPI (after 2.9 points) 7MEPI
Ogilvie-Harris et al., 1995 [30]Case seriesIV253530-point scale from Morrey’s scoring system for elbow (improved from before 19 to after 28)(i) 100 point elbow classification system developed by Morrey
(ii) 14 patients returned to work or full activity
Redden and Stanley., 1993 [31]Case seriesIV1216Linear analog scale (good pain relief)Insignificant change in ROM