Table 6: Summary table for outcomes of Total elbow arthroplasty.

Study and yearDesignLevel of evidence Followup (months)Pain Δ ROM Δ
Function Δ

Naqui et al., 2010 [32]Retrospective case reviewIV1157.6VAS (before 8 to after 0)40(i) ASES (improved from before 2/36 to after 33/36)
(ii) MEPI (9 good to excellent and 2 fair results)
Espag et al., 2003 [33]Retrospective case reviewIV1168Mild or no pain in 10 patients.
No measure reported
Kozak et al., 1998 [1]Case reportIV563(0–3 likert scale).
(3 before to 0.4 after)
34MEPI (before range 15–40 to after range 80–100)