Figure 8: (a) Arthroscopic image of normal meniscal cartilage and mildly diseased femoral cartilage. The red arrow represents a section of meniscus, and the blue arrow represents a section of mildly diseased cartilage. Both of these positions look normal from the arthroscopic image. (b) MR image of the joint using a T1 and T2 (top to bottom) relaxation states. The sagittal cross-section shows a heterogeneous articular layer at the blue arrow and a normal meniscus at the red arrow. (c) OCT image of area represented by the arthroscopic image. The OCT image shows a relative loss of a uniformed banding pattern at the blue arrow indicative of collagen breakdown in the cartilage yet shows a tight uniformed banding pattern at the red arrow indicative of healthy highly organized meniscus. Image courtesy of Zheng et al. [9].