Table 2: Factor loadings for one factor solution and reliability measures (Cronbach’s , omega, and greatest lower bound) for full sample and sample subgroups.

Item numberFull sampleGenderRaceAge groupEducational attainmentWeight status
WomenMenWhite*Af Am18–45*46–6465+Not college grad*College gradNormalOverweightObese



Note: Af Am = African American. GLB = greatest lower bound. *A two-factor solution was obtained, but the second factor had a small eigenvalue (1.1 for whites, 1.0 for those of 18–45 years, and 1.1 for not college grad). Sample sizes were <100 for men, those of 18–44 years, those of 65+ years, and those who had a normal body weight. All items except item 7 started with the phrase “How certain are you that you can…” and ended with “decrease your pain quite a bit?” (1), “keep your arthritis or fibromyalgia pain from interfering with your sleep?” (2), “keep your arthritis or fibromyalgia pain from interfering with the things you want to do?” (3), “regulate your activity so as to be active without aggravating your arthritis or fibromyalgia?” (4), “keep the fatigue caused by your arthritis or fibromyalgia from interfering with the things you want to do?” (5), “do something to help yourself feel better if you are feeling blue?” (6), and “deal with the frustration of arthritis or fibromyalgia?” (8). Question 7 was worded as follows: “As compared with other people with arthritis or fibromyalgia like yours, how certain are you that you can manage pain during your daily activities?”