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Review Article

A Systematic Review Investigating the Presence of Inflammatory Synovitis in Hip and Knee Joint Replacement Surgery

Table 1

Summary of the critical appraisal score (full papers only).

StudyCASP criterion number

Benito et al., 2005 [22]YYYYYNYYYYY10
De Lange-Brokaar et al., 2014 [10]YYYYYYYYYYY11
Lambert et al., 2014 [28]YYYYYYYYYYY11
Liu et al., 2010 [11]YYYNNNYNYYN6
Oehler et al., 2002 [27]YYNYNNYYYYY8

Østergaard et al., 1998 [9]YYYYYYYYYYY11
Scanzello et al., 2009 [24]YYYYYYYYYYY11
Smith et al., 1997 [26]YYNYNNYYYYY8
Takase et al., 2012 [16]YYNNNNYYYYY7
Tanavalee et al., 2011 [30]YYYYNNYYYYN8
Waldstein et al., 2014 [17]YYYYYNYYYYN9
Walther et al., 2001 [15]YYYYYYYYYYY11
Walther et al., 2002 [14]YYYYYYYYYYY11

Y: yes; N: no.
(1) Did the study address a clearly focused issue?
(2) Was the cohort recruited in an acceptable way?
(3) Was the exposure accurately measured to minimize bias?
(4) Was the outcome accurately measured to minimize bias?
(5) Have the authors identified all important confounding factors?
(6) Have they taken account of the confounding factors in the design and/or analysis?
(7) Was the follow-up of subjects complete enough?
(8) Was the follow-up of subjects long enough?
(9) Do you believe the results?
(10) Can the results be applied to the local population?
(11) Do the results of this study fit with other available evidences?