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Research Article

Using Video Self-Modelled Social Stories to Teach Social Skills to a Young Child with Autism

Table 1

Definitions of Dependant Measures.

Social skillDefinition

GreetingWithin 2 seconds of an arrival, child acknowledges a new person with a front facing orientation and with focus directed toward him/her, with a vocal utterance including “hello” or “hi”.

Making invitation to playChild uses one or more intelligible phrases while positioned within a meter of a peer or adult and with body oriented toward peer or adult to express desire for them to play with him/her (e.g., “come and play”).

Contingent responseChild responds appropriately (vocally or nonvocally) to a peer or adult’s utterance within a 3-second interval, through (a) acknowledging (e.g., “hmmm”), (b) agreeing (e.g., head nod, “yeah”), (c) answering a question, (d) responding with a related comment about observable objects or events within the ongoing activity, (e) confirming or clarifying a question or comment from the peer or adult (e.g., “what did you say?”)

Verbal/communicative behaviourChild makes an intelligible, vocal utterance clearly directed to an adult or to a peer (not including responding to other’s utterances).

Social engagement/interaction( ) Child is engaged or interacting with another person for at least 10 seconds, including self-initiated interactions and other initiated interactions; ( ) a subset of (1) where child is engaged or interacting with another person for at least 10 seconds not in an instrumental capacity (i.e., where child is not interacting for the sole purpose of attaining assistance, attention, etc.)

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