Table 1: Predominant accounts of Theory of Mind.

ToM AccountExplanation of ToM developmentReferences

 ModularityA module spontaneously processes attended actions, treats actions as intentional, and automatically computes mental states.[22, 23]
 Theory-theoryChildren develop a theory of how the mind works and revise and replace that theory with successive theories.[10, 24]
 SocioculturalSocial contextual variables (e.g., interactions with friends and family) act as underlying sources of ToM development.[5, 11, 25, 26]
 LanguageToM develops from our ability to use language.[27]

 Functional multilinear socializationReasoning about one’s own and others’ mental states are two distinct cognitive abilities: social reasoning and intrapersonal reasoning.[1, 2]
 SimulationChildren use self-reasoning skills to map and simulate other’s reasoning.[3, 4]