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Research Article

Awareness of Autism in Primary School Teachers

Table 1

Percentage of correct responses according to the type of institution.

PrivateNonprivate value
% %

Autism is an inherited disorder19222428.585
Autism is a learning and mental disorder41483946.954
Signs of Autism show between 0 and 3 years3035.33541.2.104
An autistic child is not social47555767.255
An autistic child has poor communication skills and cannot express himself45536475.3.002
Verbally, an autistic child will have a hard time phrasing a sentence32385160.012
Nonverbally, an autistic child does repetitive gestures to express himself34402631.512
The attention span of an autistic child is deficient59695868.443
General interests of an autistic child are restricted37444351.401
An autistic child maintains minimal eye contact with others58686981.112
General eating habits of an autistic child are normal22262226.081
An autistic child is resistant to change42495362.366
An autistic child throws frequent bouts of anger45532833.002