Clinical Study

CMV Serostatus of Donor-Recipient Pairs Influences the Risk of CMV Infection/Reactivation in HSCT Patients

Table 3

Multivariate analysis of risk factors for aGvHD (grade > I).

VariableCoefficient valueOdds ratio95% CI

CMV infection/reactivation event within 1 year post HSCT0.54730.13621.72860.8415 to 3.5509
CMV IgG in donor serum0.02900.94111.02950.4762 to 2.2254
Donor-recipient HLA mismatch0.85910.04212.36111.0310 to 5.4072
Unrelated donor0.95200.03552.59091.0669 to 6.2921
BM as a source of cellsāˆ’0.61770.30900.53920.1640 to 1.7723