Clinical Study

CMV Serostatus of Donor-Recipient Pairs Influences the Risk of CMV Infection/Reactivation in HSCT Patients

Table 4

Multivariate analysis of risk factors for CMV reactivation/infection.

VariableCoefficient valueOdds ratio95% CI

Recipient CMV IgG seronegativity−0.07610.92240.92670.2000 to 4.2929
Donor/recipient HLA mismatch1.25250.01553.49921.2695 to 9.6446
R CMV IgG+/D CMV IgG−3.13700.022723.03401.5491 to 342.4999
Unrelated donor0.00210.99651.00210.3904 to 2.5722
aGvHD > 10.53630.17551.70960.7870 to 3.7141
Recipient age years 2.28900.00729.86501.8606 to 52.3036