Clinical Study

CMV Serostatus of Donor-Recipient Pairs Influences the Risk of CMV Infection/Reactivation in HSCT Patients

Table 6

Multivariate analysis of risk factors for CMV infection/reactivation in group of SIB and MUD HLA match patients and in group of MUD HLA mismatch patients.

Variable Optimally matched group (SIB+ 10/10 HLA matched) of patientsMUD HLA mismatched group of patients
Coefficient valueOdds ratio95% CICoefficient valueOddsratio95%CI

aGvHD > 10.72650.10152.06790.8667 to 4.93360.01850.98161.01870.2113 to 4.9106
Recipient CMV IgG seronegativity0.90580.26012.4740.5113 to 11.97110.57510.61261.77730.1918 to 16.4703
R CMV IgG+/D CMV IgG−0.98190.03742.66951.0587 to 6.73141.67190.07765.32220.8313 to 34.0733
RIC conditioning regimen−0.56550.17450.56810.2511 to 1.28490.301010.73331.35130.2391 to 7.6375
Recipient age years1.29450.23183.64920.4371 to 30.46243.10260.014822.2561.8360 to 269.7835