Table 2: FIGO prognostic scoring system*.


Age (years)≤39≥40
Antecedent pregnancyMoleAbortionTerm
Interval from index pregnancy (months)<44–67–12>12
Pretreatment serum hCG (IU/liter)<1000<10,000<100,000>100,000
Largest tumor size (incl, uterus)3-4 cm>5 cm
Site of metastasesLungSpleen/kidneyGILiver/brain
Number of metastases1–45–8>8
Previous failed chemotherapySingle drug2 or more drugs

*Format for reporting to FIGO Annual Report: in order to stage and allot a risk factor score, a patient's diagnosis is allocated to a stage as represented by a roman numeral I, II, III, and IV. This is then separated by a colon from the sum of all the actual risk factor scores, which is expressed in Arabic numerals (e.g., stage II:4, stage IV:9). This stage and score will be allotted for each patient.
FIGO: International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics.