Table 3: Treatment details.


RegimenD + CD + carboP + carboP + carboP + carboDCFDCFD + C
Time for complete resolution of stridor (in hours)2424484824242424
Number of cycles32122132
Response SDPRPRSDPRNot assessedPRPR
Grade 3-4 haematological toxicityNil Yes NilNilNilNilYes Yes
Grade 3-4 Gastrointestinal toxicityYes Nil NilNilNilNilYes Nil
% reduction in tumor size1047372040Not assessed 8037
Local Rx subsequently offeredCRTCRTRTCRTCRTDefaulted CRTCRT

D: docetaxel, C: cisplatin, Pacli: paclitaxel, Carb: carboplatin, F: 5FU, CR: complete response, PR: partial response, SD: stable response, CRT: chemoradiation and RT: radical radiation.