Figure 5: Comparative sequences for vertebrate 5′-flanking, 5′-untranslated, and coding regions for the CEL genes. Derived from the UCSC Genome Browser using the Comparative Genomics track to examine alignments and evolutionary conservation of CEL gene sequences; genomic sequences aligned for this study included primate (human and rhesus), nonprimate eutherian mammal (mouse, dog and elephant), a marsupial (opossum), a monotreme (platypus), bird (chicken), reptile (lizard), amphibian (frog), and fish (stickleback); conservation measures were based on conserved sequences across all of these species in the alignments which included the 5′flanking, 5′-untranslated (5′UTR), exons, introns, and 3′ untranslated (3′UTR) regions for the CEL gene; regions of sequence identity are shaded in different colors for different species; exons 1–11 are shown which are regions of conservation.