Table 1: Suppressive effect of aqueous extract of Ganoderma lucidum on parasitemia in mice infected with Plasmodium berghei.

Treatment groupsParasite count% suppression

ControlsNormal (P-CTR)
Infected (N-CTR)31.10 ± 1.20
Aqueous extractAQ10014.20 ± 0.6054.20 ± 3.70a
AQ25017.40 ± 1.2043.82 ± 6.03a,b
AQ50019.40 ± 0.9037.42 ± 5.31b,c
Reference drugCQ2.25 ± 0.8593.65 ± 0.47c

Results are means ± SEM of eight independent determinations. Values in the same row carrying different superscripts are significant ( ) from each other.
Note. AQ100: infected mice treated with 100 mg/kg aqueous extract; AQ250: infected mice treated with 250 mg/kg aqueous extract; AQ500: infected mice treated with 500 mg/kg aqueous extract; CQ: infected mice treated with chloroquine.