Figure 4: Efflux potential of UC-HDL and PEG-HDL isolated from patients with sepsis in fibroblasts and THP1 cells. Cholesterol acceptor capacity of UC-HDL (black bars) and PEG-HDL (white bars) from patients with sepsis using cholesterol-laden fibroblasts (and cholesterol-laden THP1 cells). Fibroblasts were incubated in the presence of LXR agonist TO901317. Cells are labelled for 24 h with 3H-cholesterol. Efflux to HDL (10 μg/mL apoA-I) is measured during a 4 h time span. Efflux medium without HDL is used as a negative control. Fractional cholesterol efflux is determined by measuring the release of radio-labeled cholesterol into the medium. The percentage efflux equals the counts in medium divided by total counts in medium and cells combined and was corrected for counts to the medium without acceptor HDL. Experiments were performed in triplicate. Data are presented as mean ± SD; , .