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Volume 2012, Article ID 895326, 6 pages
Clinical Study

Improving Total-Cholesterol/HDL-Cholesterol Ratio Results in an Endothelial Dysfunction Recovery in Peripheral Artery Disease Patients

Vascular Surgery and Angiology Department, Hospital Universitario Getafe, Ctra Toledo Km 12,500, 28905 Madrid, Spain

Received 30 April 2012; Accepted 22 August 2012

Academic Editor: Jan Wouter Jukema

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Aims. To evaluate the effects of variations of total-cholesterol/HDL-cholesterol ratio and the effects of the atorvastatin on endothelial function in peripheral artery disease (PAD). Material and Methods. A prospective, randomised controlled study was carried out in 150 PAD patients. Patients randomized to the control group ( ) were treated with antiplatelet drugs, angiotensin-converting-enzyme inhibitors and cardiovascular-risk-factor control. Experimental group ( ) also received treatment with atorvastatin for a month. It was determined baseline nitrite plasma levels and total-cholesterol/HDL-cholesterol ratio and after one month of treatment in both groups. It was also analysed the correlation between the gradient of nitrite levels and the differential of total-cholesterol/HDL ratio in treatment group. Results. After a month, a reduction in nitrite levels was detected in treatment group ( μM versus 5.7 ± 1.8 μM, ). It was shown a higher decrease in nitrite plasma levels in the atorvastatin group finding lower levels assessments (5.7 ± 1.8 μM versus 13.1 ± 9.1 μM, resp., ). A significant reduction in total-cholesterol/HDL-cholesterol ratio was observed in statin group after treatment ( ). A strong correlation was found between the gradient of nitrite levels and the differential of total-cholesterol/HDL-cholesterol ratio in atorvastatin group ( ; ). Conclusions. Improvement of nitrite levels are associated with decreased total cholesterol/HDL ratio values in PAD patients treated with atorvastatin.