Table 1: Major hypercholesterolemia risk factors of the study population by race/ethnicity.

VariableMAOHBNHWNHP value

Cholesterol checked (yes)51.2 (1.6)a60.5 (2.2)b69.7 (1.3)c78.5 (0.9)d<.001

Inadequate  non-HDL-C  (≥130 mg/dL)25.8 (2.0)a22.1 (2.5)a33.1 (2.1)b30.6 (1.1)b.008
High cholesterol  (≥200 mg/dL)45.9 (1.4)a42.1 (2.2)a,b39.7 (1.3)b44.5 (0.9)a,b.019
Lipid-lowering medications  (yes)50.7 (3.4)44.1 (3.4)51.7 (1.8)54.7 (1.6).129
Age (years)51.2 (1.2)a52.3 (1.1)a,b53.8 (0.5)b57.4 (0.3)c<.001
Education: <HS51.5 (1.6)a37.7 (2.4)b26.1 (1.7)c13.8 (1.4)d<.001
No health insurance52.2 (1.9)a36.3 (3.1)b26.0 (1.4)c13.7 (0.7)d<.001
Current smoker11.4 (1.1)a14.5 (1.8)a21.7 (1.7)b19.1 (1.2)b<.001
BMI 30–34.9 (kg/m2)  obesity I22.5 (1.6)a18.6 (1.4)b,c21.6 (1.3)a,c18.5 (0.6)b<.001
BMI ≥ 35(kg/m2)  obesity II18.0 (0.8)a17.0 (1.3)a26.1 (1.2)b16.2 (0.6)a<.001
HTN (yes)19.2 (1.4)a21.1 (1.6)a38.7 (1.3)b31.8 (1.0)c<.001
Diabetes (yes)8.4 (0.8)a8.5 (0.8)a13.5 (0.8)b7.6 (0.6)c<.001
CHD (yes)1.8 (0.3)a1.4 (0.3)a1.6 (0.2)a3.7 (0.2)b<.001

MA: Mexican American; OH: other Hispanic, not Mexican; BNH: Black non-Hispanic; WNH: White non-Hispanic; non-HDL-C: non-HDL cholesterol (total cholesterol minus HDL-C); BMI: body mass index; HTN: hypertension; CHD: coronary heart disease.
The data represent the weighted percent and standard error [% (SE)]. Significance is based on the adjusted F, a variant of the second-order Rao-Scott adjusted chi-square statistic and its degrees of freedom. Each superscript letter denotes a subset of race/ethnicity categories whose column proportions do not differ significantly from each other at the 0.05 level for each row (variable). Significant differences between each group were measured by complex logistic regression analyses across race/ethnicity separately for each dependent binary variable. Age was tested by complex general linear models, recoding ethnicity to measure differences between groups.