Table 1: Clinical variables during the study.

Control group ( )STAEST group ( )
Baseline InterventionBaselineIntervention

N (M/W)7/224/230.506b
Age (y) 0.837b
Weight (kg) 0.696
BMI (kg/m2) 0.696
Blood leukocytes (109/L)c 0.681
Blood erythrocytes (1012/L)c 0.841
Hemoglobin (g/L)c 0.635
Hematocrit (%)c 0.453
MCV (fl) 0.188
MCH (pg)c 0.914
MCHC (g/L)c 0.301
Blood thrombocytes (109/L) 0.075
ALT( kat/L) 0.800
GGT (U/L) 0.895
Creatinine ( mol/L)c 0.788
Thyroid stimulating hormone (mlE/L) 0.098
hs-CRP (mg/L) 0.838
Plasma glucose (mmol/L)c 0.573
Serum total cholesterol (mmol/L)f <0.001
LDL cholesterol (mmol/L)f <0.001
HDL cholesterol (mmol/L)f 0.421
Serum triglycerides (mmol/L)f 0.558
Non-HDL cholesterol (mmol/L)f <0.001
Ratio LDL/HDL cholesterolf 0.003

Values shown are means ± SEM. ALT: alanine aminotransferase; GGT: gamma-glutamyltransferase; hs-CRP: high sensitive C-reactive protein; MCH: mean corpuscular hemoglobin; MCHC: mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration; MCV: mean corpuscular volume; and STAEST: plant stanol ester.
Group by time interaction (repeated measured variance of analysis (general linear model)).
Difference between the groups: gender (Fisher exact test) and age (univariate analysis of variance (general linear model)).
, significant change over time.
significantly different from control.
significantly different from baseline.
Control ( ), STAEST ( ).